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In-Depth Transmission Diagnostics-- Dave's Complete Auto Service

Keeping Your Vehicle In Gear!

When you’re transmission is giving you problems in Council Bluffs, Iowa, allow Dave's Complete Auto Service to get it fixed right the first time. We have a team of skilled technicians who know how to repair and replace transmission on a wide range of both foreign and domestic vehicles. Automatic transmissions are one of the most complex parts of a vehicle. Your transmission is constantly getting information that tells it when to shift, so you don’t have to do it manually. The transmission does this by adjusting pressures to activate clutches and solenoids within the transmission. When you’re experiencing an issue with your transmission, it can be one of many issues, so you need a repair shop that knows how to properly diagnose your vehicle.

Preventative Transmission Services–Accurate Diagnoses

Without a proper diagnosis, it’s possible that another shop would recommend repairs that cost you more money in the long run. Our experienced technicians are familiar with common problems for different makes and models, so we don’t always need to spend time tearing down your transmission just to tell you what’s wrong. If your transmission is torn down and then you find out that the repairs will be more than a replacement unit, you’ll be paying twice as much to get your vehicle fixed. We’re going to give you an honest opinion about the best way to fix your transmission so you can get back out on the road without putting a major dent in your pocket.

One of the best ways to prevent potential issues with your transmission is to ensure that you’re changing the fluid, flushing the system and changing the filter when its recommended by the manufacturer. Old fluid can cause seals within the transmission to ware out prematurely and it can also cause problems with shifting. You don’t want to have to do a transmission repair just because you haven’t changed your fluid. These services can be performed right here at, Dave's Complete Auto Service.

Schedule Your Transmission Service Today!

A lot of shops have different warranties that don’t really give you ease and comfort after you spend a lot of money getting a repair done. For each and every one of our repairs, we provide you with a two-year warranty that covers up to 24,000 miles. If a part that we installed went bad within that time or mileage, we’ll fix it with absolutely no charge to you. Call the experts at Dave's Complete Auto Service today at 712-256-9688!

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