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Need professional auto A/C repair on your vehicle or any auto repair services? If yes, Call now, our Auto A/C repair service will include the testing of the outlet temperature, a system pressure check, and a visual inspection. 

All at a great low price, call now: 712-256-9688

When you service your air conditioning on a regular basis, you won’t have to worry so much about more expensive Auto A/C repair or replacement. When you bring your vehicle into Dave's Complete Auto Service for air conditioning repair, we will check the following Auto AC components.


To make sure Your Auto AC is operating properly Dave's Checks:

  • • Auto AC Compressor

    • Auto AC Refrigerant

    • Auto AC Condenser

    • Auto AC Expansion Valve

    • Auto AC Evaporator

    • Auto AC Receiver / Dryer

We are dedicated to the members of our community, their auto ac’s and their cars. Dependable vehicles, make for happy drivers, and we’re in the business of putting happy drivers on the road. 

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair
Automotive Air Conditioning Repair
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